A Time to Celebrate

by | Jun 22, 2023


As I opened the service on that Sunday night, my eyes locked onto a face. Empty eyes stared back at me, seeming to mirror his unease and perhaps even a hint of desperation. His family slowly filled in behind him there on the third row. I knew instantly that they were not from Socabaya, but I had no idea what they were doing in our poverty-stricken area. After the service, however, Christian began to tell me his story. He was an alcoholic, and his wife was about to leave him, but she had decided to give him one more chance. Somehow, she had found her way to one of my wife’s Bible Studies the month before on the other side of the city, and through that study had come to hear about our church in Socabaya. Later that week, I met with Christian, and God allowed me to go through the whole plan of salvation with him. At the end, with joy brimming from his eyes, Christian asked me, “That’s it? It’s that simple?” Christian accepted Christ that afternoon, and what a celebration there was in Heaven that day! 

While there is no comparison to the celebration in Heaven, we have still had quite a bit to celebrate this month in Arequipa, Peru. To start with, we were able to baptize four more men and women at El Salvador Baptist Church! There is something so special about a baptism service when someone publicly declares their decision to follow Jesus, which makes me want to celebrate! Please pray with me for these four believers as they continue to grow in their walk with Christ. 

We also celebrated our first wedding at El Salvador Baptist Church! Our little auditorium transformed into a pink wonderland for this special occasion. While weddings are always a cause for celebration, there was something extra special about officiating the ceremony for two young people who had both gotten saved and discipled with my wife and me and then committed their lives to each other before God. Please pray with us for Willy and Mishel as they begin their lives together. We feel so blessed to be able to celebrate all that God is doing in Arequipa, Peru! 

Your Missionaries to Peru,
Mitch, Jacqulyn, Landon, and Ryan McCormack 


1. Christian got saved!

2. Four members were baptized at El Salvador Baptist Church!

3. Mishel and Willy got married at El Salvador! 

Prayer Requests: 

1. Please continue praying for Juan Carlos and Kiara.

2. Please be praying for Mishel and Willy as they begin their lives together now as a married couple.