He Heard My Voice

The cool November evening ushered us in, and we squeezed into the pew for the
first time as a family of five. As the Thanksgiving Praise service began, I mentally
started to tick through the many blessings of this year.

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice 

At five and four, both boys believe themselves to be avid bakers. The emphasis on that sentence should definitely be on the word “believe." So one afternoon, Landon and Nana decided to make pumpkin spice cookies. I partially listened in from the other room as Landon commentated. Suddenly, and with great enthusiasm, Landon exclaimed, 'Turbo speed!' This was quickly followed by the undeniable sound of an electric mixer being turned to full-blast, which was then followed by the sound of my mom gasping in shock

Sweeter and Sweeter

It's birthday month in our house. I believe every family has one. You know, the month when it seems like every uncle, brother, and cousin was born. As a child, I thought this was the best month, with never-ending candy from all the colorful piñatas

New Dreams

I stood outside the room as my wife finished tucking in our two little boys for the night. Landon's excited chatter filled the air as usual. “Mommy!” He exclaimed, his voice brimming with wonder, “Last night, I had a movie playing inside my head!” After pondering it for a moment, my wife gently explained that these were called dreams.

Big Little Blessings

The silence sat heavily upon everyone. Time trickled by. But then, there it was—the sound
of life reverberated through the clinically white room. A sense of utter joy crashed through
me as I first listened, and then had the privilege of watching our little girl, Baby McCormack
number four, wiggle and squirm on the ultrasound monitor. As I stared and stared at our
little girl, our big little blessing, I was left in awe once again of our loving and good God.

A Time to Celebrate

As I opened the service on that Sunday night, my eyes locked onto a face. Empty eyes stared
back at me, seeming to mirror his unease and perhaps even a hint of desperation. His family
slowly filled in behind him there on the third row.


Peru is in desperate need of the hope we have in Christ. The vast majority of Peruvians are taught from their youth that they must prove to God their worth and faithfulness in order to be saved, and they spend their entire life in bondage to that belief, never being able to measure up. We need to take the liberating message of the gospel to them now so that they may believe on Christ and be free to live for Him!

During my time in Arequipa looking over the city and the great need for the gospel, the Lord broke my heart for the people living there who did not have the gospel witness I grew up with and took for granted for so many years. We went up to a mountain side and looked down over the city at night and imagined every light was a soul that needed to be saved. I realized that there are many dying every day without the hope we have in Jesus. It was at that time I was called and began training to return to Peru to start churches and train men for the ministry.

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