Big Little Blessings

by | Jul 25, 2023


The silence sat heavily upon everyone. Time trickled by. But then, there it was—the sound of life reverberated through the clinically white room. A sense of utter joy crashed through me as I first listened, and then had the privilege of watching our little girl, Baby McCormack number four, wiggle and squirm on the ultrasound monitor. As I stared and stared at our little girl, our big little blessing, I was left in awe once again of our loving and good God. 

One of the other big little blessings that we have been able to experience this month has been the opportunity to share with many of you all that God is doing in Arequipa, Peru. While due to my wife’s frequent prenatal appointments, we have not been able to travel as much as we initially planned, we do not take for granted the opportunities God has given us to present and preach in churches, in Sunday school classes, Spanish services, and youth groups. Most of all though, I am grateful for the conversations that the Lord has allowed us to have with several young people, challenging them to seek God’s will for their lives. No matter how small the conversation, I know my God can do big things through it. 

During this time on furlough, I am incredibly grateful for how God has continued to provide for His ministry at El Salvador Baptist Church. Before returning to the States, I was able to leave the church with a national pastor who had been working alongside me for the past several months. As excited as I am about all that God has done through El Salvador, I am constantly reminded that this is His work and ministry and not mine. I would ask you to please be praying with me for the church and for the leadership during this short furlough. It has been so exciting to continue to hear progress reports of the services, to see many of the new believers continue to stay faithful even while we are gone, and to know that many new Bible studies have been started just in the past few weeks. Our God is so good, and I am constantly amazed by his blessings, both big and little. 

Your Missionaries to Peru,
Mitch, Jacqulyn, Landon, and Ryan McCormack 


  1. We are praising God for how he has continued to provide and grow His ministry there in El Salvador Baptist Church. 

Prayer Request:

1. Please be praying for El Salvador Baptist Church as the work continues on while we are on our short furlough.

2. Please continue praying for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery for our baby girl.