Hellos and Goodbyes

by | May 15, 2023


“┬íHola!” I repeated for the forty-second time that day. Being the singular word in my vocabulary upon our arrival in Peru, it tended to be repeated quite often and in varying voice inflections. By the hundred-and-seventh time of the day, I was definitely congratulating my younger self on some life choices, mainly the decision to opt out of Spanish in high school. My wife and I often laugh about those early memories, but now we are entering a new season, and that is a time of goodbyes. We will be taking our first short furlough back to the States in June. While our hearts are knit with our friends and the family we have made here, especially at our church plant, if you would like us to come say hello to you and your church family, please email me at smitchellmccormack@gmail.com, and we would be thrilled to give you an update on all that God is doing here in Peru!

Last week, as Alex stepped out of the Sunday School classroom, a small grin began to transform his face. Once he spotted me, he quickly ran over and told me, “Pastor, you were right! God is speaking to me, and He wants me to be His Son!” Shortly after that conversation, Alex placed his faith in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, and I got to say hello to him for the first time as a brother in Christ! 

This November, we are eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to say hello to the newest member of our family! Ryan, our three-year-old, has already informed us that we need to, and I quote, “return the baby if it is another boy,” and the baby’s name is going to be “Bucket or Spot.” Thankfully, I think Mom might have the final say with names, but please be praying with us for a healthy pregnancy. I would be lying if I said that watching this little one on the ultrasound, in the same room where we last saw Kylie thriving and well, has not brought about a new wave of grief, but today, today we choose not to live in fear of the past or of the unknown future. Rather, we cling to the hope in God’s Word, and we pray that this time, as a family, we will get to say hello and not just goodbye. 

Your Missionaries to Peru,
Mitch, Jacqulyn, Landon, and Ryan McCormack 


1. After several months of praying and witnessing, Alex finally got saved!

2. We are expecting! Please be praying with us for a healthy pregnancy. 

Prayer Requests: 

1. Please continue praying for Imelda, and now for Juan Carlos and Kiara as well to get saved.

2. Please be praying with us for a smooth transition during this short furlough from June to December.