New Dreams

by | Aug 25, 2023


I stood outside the room as my wife finished tucking in our two little boys for the night. Landon’s excited chatter filled the air as usual. “Mommy!” He exclaimed, his voice brimming with wonder, “Last night, I had a movie playing inside my head!” After pondering it for a moment, my wife gently explained that these were called dreams. But before the words had fully left her lips, Landon mournfully proclaimed, “But mommy, this dream was different from the other dream.” She then patiently explained that different could mean exciting, not necessarily bad. It was just a new dream. As I mulled over the simplistic answer that my wife had given our five-year-old, I couldn’t help but draw parallels to what God is unfolding in our ministry.

We are thrilled to see how God continues to bless El Salvador Baptist Church in our absence. Souls are continuing to be saved, the Youth Group has taken off, and even in the face of some very real and hard trials, we have seen these young Christians stand firm in their faith. What an amazing answer to prayer to witness a dream realized! The Church is thriving under a national Pastor! While we remain involved in El Salvador, our prayer has always been to hand over the Church, and with the realization of one dream, a new dream is born. As we look forward to returning to Peru at the end of this year, we are actively searching for possible locations to plant our second church. Our family has been deeply burdened for a specific area called San Martin, which is a neighboring district to Socabaya.

With close to a hundred thousand people and no Gospel-preaching churches, it is an area of great need. Please join us in prayer as we move forward with this new dream. Specifically, pray for wisdom and that God would provide the perfect location. After surveying the area, we are looking to raise $87,500 to purchase a property for this second church plant. Before even announcing this publicly, several families have come to us privately to contribute to this work, leaving us continually amazed by God’s provision for His ministry. As my wife told our son Landon, new dreams can definitely be exciting, and we are certainly excited to see what God will do next.

Your Missionaries to Peru,
Mitch, Jacqulyn, Landon, and Ryan McCormack


  1. We are praising God for the ten young people who made professions of faith during the Youth Conference this year and for the countless decisions that were made.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please be praying for our second church plant, that God would give us wisdom and provide the perfect location.
  2. Please continue praying for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery for our baby girl.