There is Sunshine after the Rain

by | Feb 15, 2023


The little makeshift roof of the children’s class was making a valiant effort to keep the torrential rain at bay. Unfortunately, it was losing the battle. As I peeked in to hand my wife her umbrella as she continued teaching, I was not quite sure what to think as I saw each of the children perched on their chairs, which in reality seemed more like small floating islands since six inches of water covered the entire classroom floor. Thankfully, our short rainy season has come to an end, and Arequipa is once again flooded with sunshine. However, that rainy night made me think of our seasons of life, especially in ministry. Sometimes, we have to walk through the rainstorm, and it can seem never-ending, but God is always faithful, and the sunshine always comes after the rain.

After talking with my wife late one Wednesday night, I knew she was discouraged. She had been meeting with Gimena weekly for two months, and while Samuel had made the decision to accept Christ weeks before, Gimena was acting very aloof about it all. Well, last week, my wife came to me with tears glistening in her eyes. Gimena had accepted Christ as her personal Savior! Gimena told my wife that she had been thinking and thinking about the decision, and she knew it was finally time. Our God is so good to allow us to experience sunshine after a long time of waiting for the rain to end. Please continue to pray for Gimena and Samuel as they grow in their newfound faith and raise their baby girl to know our Savior as well.

Sometimes, if I am to be completely honest, I doubted this day would come, but God is so faithful! Anthony has had a desire to go to Bible College since he got saved last year. However, the area our church is in is extremely poor, and because of this, Anthony only finished up to the third grade. So, we started with reading and writing. The progress was frustratingly slow at times, but he has made it! Anthony will begin classes at the Bible college next week! He will also be taking classes on Saturdays to complete his high-school education, but during the weekdays, he will be able to begin his official Bible college classes to continue preparing for the ministry. We’re so grateful for all that God is doing in Anthony’s life and for the beautiful sunshine after a season of rain. 

Your Missionaries to Peru,
Mitch, Jacqulyn, Landon, and Ryan McCormack


• Gimena accepted Christ as her Saviour! Thank you so much for praying with us for her to get saved.

• We are praising God for the growth we are seeing in the lives of many new believers.

• We are so grateful that Jacqulyn got to teach at a Ladies Conference this past month, and for the many decisions that were made during the event. 


• Please be praying for Anthony as he starts classes at the Bible College.

• Please be praying for the several couples that we are starting marriage counseling with.

• Please continue praying for Clare, Teo, Andrea, Alex, and Martin, for them to accept Christ as their Saviour.